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Batch XBM to GIF Converter Downloads

GIF is a popular graphic file format used for both static images and short animations.
XBM is an image file format that was designed for X Window Systems ("windowing system for bitmap displays").

This set contains applications that can help you convert your XBM images into GIF photos.
Furthermore, all these apps support batch converting multiple images at the same time.

Batch XBM to GIF Converter download selection by Bill White. March 07, 2017

  1. Photopus
    Photopus Download
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    Apply multiple effects and editing functions to multiple images files in one go.

    ...in batches. The ...JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, JP2 ...RLE, SGI and XBM, among many other ...be converted into the...

  2. AutoImager
    AutoImager Download
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    AutoImager is a batch image file converter and editor.

    ...program's window and batch edit or convert them. You ...formats supported are BMP, GIF, ICO, JP2, JPG...

  3. Picture Viewer Max
    Picture Viewer Max Download
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    Picture Viewer Max is a picture viewer and editor for Windows.

    ...to convert your images to multiple formats, create a zip file from a batch...

  4. ABB Image Icon Converter
    ABB Image Icon Converter Download
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    (1 votes)

    ABB Image Icon Converter allows you to convert images to icon files (.ico).

    ...GIF, JPG, PIC, among others). Besides converting image ...a selected icon, and convert it to a new...

  5. Batch Image Converter

    Convert multiple images between 30+ formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, JP2, RAW.

    Convert multiple images, photos, and pictures between 30+ formats: JPG, PNG, GIF ...MNG, XBM, XPM, PCD...

  6. ContextView Pro

    Convenient and powerful extension for Windows Explorer that saves time by allowing you to...

    ...to quickly convert to any ...centered), create GIF animations from ...SVG, TIFF, TGA, XBM, XWD, WBMP, WFX...

  7. GFX Alchemy

    Complete, all-in-one image editor, converter, and more for 140+ image formats!

    ...color adjustments; batch format conversion; ...GBR, GEM, GIF, HPGL, HPGL2 ...TGA, TIFF, XBM, XPM, XWD...

    Latest Comments:

    Guest Have a look at Konvertor FM.

  8. Ameri-Imager

    Complete, all-in-one image editor for all popular audio and video formats!

    ...include batch format ...TGA, TIFF, XBM, XPM, XWD ...convert video and animations (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI, GIF...

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